Caring for loved ones, family style.

Our Home

We offer your family members a wide range of rehabilitation services to meet the wide variety of care needs.

We care for those diagnosed with:


Our Highland Street Home

Some call it a museum; others marvel at its frescos, winding staircases and beautiful lighting.  Hughes is located at 29 Highland Street and was home to one of West Hartford’s most prominent families.  As Hughes Health & Rehabilitation since 1961, we have maintained the home’s charm and grandeur for many reasons, one being the sense of tranquility the place evokes to all those who enter and stay at Hughes.  As a family-owned operated healthcare center for nearly 50 years, we know what it’s like to “come home.”  We want everyone to feel that way at Hughes.


We care for your loved one in a compassionate, home-like environment.  Our resident area features over forty private rooms with the remainder being semi-private rooms for a total capacity of 170 residents.  Residents are encouraged to personalize their rooms with belongings from home such as radios, televisions, clocks, and furniture as space permits. In addition, each resident’s room includes a telephone and television.


Physical Plant

Our home meets or exceeds all Federal, State, and Local regulations.  We use a comprehensive preventive maintenance program to ensure a sound and safe physical plant.  Our grounds include a large front patio overlooking Highland Street and a central deck secured for residents to enjoy the outdoors during times of good weather.  A clean and sanitary environment is maintained by our Housekeeping Department.