Caring for loved ones, family style.


If you are looking for ways to reach out and touch someone's life, a great place to start is by volunteering at Hughes Health & Rehabilitation.

There are many wonderful opportunities to make a difference in the lives of some very special people.
Some residents do not receive visits from their family or friends and others are medically unable to leave their rooms.  The companionship of a volunteer is actually therapeutic and serves as a great intervention for the resident’s well-being and allows them to stay connected to the community.

Many volunteers have reported a feeling of satisfaction with the knowledge that they made someone’s day a little easier or a little brighter.  Providing one-on-one activities with a resident, such as reading or talking to them, or simply sitting quietly with them, improves their quality of life.

Older adults love to reminisce about “the good ole’ days”.  So, some volunteers sit and listen to residents talk about their past, their families, and interests.  There are 101 things to do while visiting a resident that would be greatly appreciated and enjoyed by them.

Our residents have so much knowledge to share if you take the time to listen, and, like anyone, they need regular interaction.  At Hughes, you can touch the heart of someone, and you will be surprised just how much it will touch your own.

We would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in volunteer opportunities at Hughes.  Please print and complete our volunteer application form and mail it to:

Debra Palmisano
Director of Recreation
Hughes Health & Rehabilitation
29 Highland Street
West Hartford, CT 06119

Thank you,

Debra Palmisano

Here are some ideas you can do during room visits with a resident: